Vaginal Probiotics Supppository

You may be suffering from yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis or both. The suppository can be used as a personal lubricant and it is very easy to use. Ask your doctor before you use a vaginal Probiotics product. Your doctor can help you choose a safe, effective and...

Probiotic For Vaginal Odor

It is difficult to maintain a healthy smell in spite of the fact that your vagina contains a well-balanced microbial environment. Many factors can impact the microbiome of your vagina. It is possible to make simple dietary changes to help prevent imbalances.

Probiotics For Vaginal Health

Taking probiotics for vaginal health may be helpful for women with bacterial vaginosis (BV). Overgrowth of bad bacteria can cause BV. This causes an unpleasant odor and a watery gray discharge. BV is usually treated with antibiotics.