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Contact Us: (323) 334-0336 / gmbseo@Styyll.com – We just opened, stay tuned, our site is still being built. This is just a starting landing page so you can call us to ask about our services.

Mission Statement: Make it possible for the start ups and small businesses to compete if they have great service and products. All of us at StyYLL have had ideas we wanted to take to market for decades and want to help others get past the initial stages. The learning curve of what payment processors to use, what is needed for your website and what is not, how to reach the customers you need and just what not to spend your time or money on because it won’t help drive business.

Office Space, Mailing Address & OnSite Staff for $199.99 / month

If you own a business, it is essential to optimize your Google My Business page so that your company shows up for local searches. You can include the product image and description to prevent customers from searching for products similar to yours. You can include a call-to-action as well. The carousel will show the first product that you have entered. Using this method, you can get your products to show up in the map pack, which will help you boost your SEO and local search.

GMB page optimization starts with categorizing your business. Google will understand your business if you categorize it. Creating categories will help you attract more people to your business. You should also link your GMB page to your website, which can improve your SEO. This will work only if your listing is relevant, useful, and quality. Once you have optimized your GMB page, it is time to start marketing!

Writing content is the second step of GMB page optimization. This will improve your rank in search results. Local customers will be attracted to you by writing content relevant to their services. Geo-modifying your listing is the final step. You should also add a photo if you have one, and a link pointing to it from your website. You will have a better chance of being found in search results and will also gain more clients.

Google My Business Verification Methods

There are several ways to verify your Google My Business listing, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are some that are easier to use than others. Sending an email request to confirm your listing will be the best method. The process of verification is simple, and you can even complete it yourself. The verification process can take several weeks and there are no changes.

Sending a postcard is another way to verify your GMB profile. If you have trouble sending a postcard, you’ll need to send it again. It is best to resend it to make sure that the recipient gets it. Make sure you include your name on the “To” section of the postcard. It will make it easy for the recipient to recognize. You can also send a postcard containing the address to confirm your GMB listing.

You can also verify your GMB profile through the Google Search Console. This method is more efficient than the previous two. After verifying your business via the Google Search Console you will be able to click the Verify button and submit your verification code. The process is quick and easy. Another option is to mail a card and wait for the reply. This method requires a physical address, but it can still work for small businesses.